Class Levels…

Level 1 - This is geared for people with no dance experience and starts off with the basics of rhythm & timing. Men’s and ladies footwork is taught separately and combined after the men have been taught how to lead a particular movement. The focus is on learning the basic moves in order to build confidence and get you on the dance floor.

Level 2 & 3 - These are bridging levels introduced for people who are comfortable with the basics & timing of Salsa and want to learn how to combine the basics effectively into simple yet stylish turn patterns. Here the focus is on leading and following and the entire class is danced with a partner. This is also where styling is introduced.

Level 4 - This class is highly energetic and fast paced. Students learn more intricate turn patterns involving multiple spins, pauses as well as hand-changes. The focus is on flair and continuity in the turn patterns

Level 5 - This class is open to people who have mastered the rhythm & timing and are now free to play with it. The focus is on intricate turn patterns, hand changes & counter momentum movements which add flair and excitement to the dance. We also introduce trick moves at this level

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